The Words

This Is Why We Do It.

We met Hester in the Otavalo artisan market a few months back. She¬†spent a little while at our booth with us getting to know our work and chatting a bit. She continued to explore the rest of the market but unfortunately some jerk cut open the fabric bag that she was carrying and stole her […]

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Way back.

This bag was the first bit of real design work that I did. For a few years I had been thinking about the next backpack that I was going to buy. I knew from years of traveling my way around that the majority of bags that I saw out there didn’t have the features that […]

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The beginning

This one was where it all started. I had a Moleskin notebook getting beat around in my back pack. After going through the wilderness and lakes of Canada, the volcanic landscapes of Iceland, and the hustle and bustle of London, by the time I was it Portugal my note book was looking pretty sad. I […]

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