This Is Why We Do It.

We met Hester in the Otavalo artisan market a few months back. She spent a little while at our booth with us getting to know our work and chatting a bit. She continued to explore the rest of the market but unfortunately some jerk cut open the fabric bag that she was carrying and stole her belongings from the inside as she wandered around the market. I am not sure but I think she took this as a sign to get a bag that would be a bit more secure. So she came back. Here is an email that she sent our way the other day.

IMG_8536 (2)

Dear Jonathan,

Since I am back from my 4 months trip through South America, I am able to enjoy my big Emily tote bag you so kindly send to my home next to my little purse as well.

The strong dark brown purse has been a very valuable and appreciated companion throughout my travels. No thief or robber could have destroyed that leather and from that day on in Otavalo I had it with me every day, guarding the few important things I was carrying. More than once it happened that venders in Peru, in Bolivia and even Argentina in markets eyed it curiously and where very eager to know where I’ve got it from. ‘Ecuador’ I said, ‘pero de un chico de Canada!’ 😉

Appreciative they nodded quietly and said ‘eso tienes por todo tu vida!’ (Or something like that in better spanish)
So your work doesn’t go by unrecognized, I thought you should know that. And I am so thankful that you could send the package with Emily to Switzerland, she is a beautiful piece and i am sure I will have the two of them with me for the next journeys, what and where ever that may be and of course for everyday life.
Thank you, it’s been a pleasure! And good luck with your workshops, plans and dreams

All the Best,